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Price: € 195  

The Challenge
Money laundering and terror financing is a global challenge. It is therefore important to have access to simple and relevant sources of updated information. This solution generates and sorts news from a number of global news agencies.

News agents
Seqwire provides a news agent, which allows news within money laundering and terror financing to be made available in a new way. Mobile telephone text messages inform you of the publication of news items within the topics you have specified as being 'important' to you. You will also be able to author and distribute news in accordance with specified criteria. This allows the industry to influence what is 'relevant news' within their own sector.

To be alerted
You will receive a mobile telephone text message at 11.30 CET every day, which specifies whether any news items have been published within your defined professional area in the last 24 hours!

Publish your own news
It is important that determining what is 'useful information' in the area money laundering and terror financing area is not defined only by journalists. We therefore provide a solution which allows the industry to publish 'items' in this news pool. It can be information about conferences, views on legislation, reader's letters on different events, evaluations of products, product news etc.

All who subscribe to this service confirm, by ticking the terms, that no sensitive information will be published in this solution. This is an open and unsecured news channel.

Keeping updated is a key element in both money laundering and terror financing preventative work.

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Price list:
LicencesPrice pr. licence
1 - 9€ 195
10 - 49€ 175
50 +€ 145
The licence is valid for one year after activation.

You can subscribe to news within the following topics:
- Terror financing
- Robbery
- Narcotics
- Smuggling
- Mafia
- Financial crime
- EU Directives
- EU Laws
- EU Regulations
- Products and services
- Conferences/ seminars

All are to be sorted by language.

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